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Taking advantage of our online services and getting access to your medical records is easy. Follow these three simple steps below to get connected.

Request a PIN from your Provider's Office

All patients are required to use a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) to verify their identity. If you have not received your PIN, STOP HERE and contact your provider's office to request one.

Create a Portal Account

Once you have received your PIN, you can create your portal account. In this step you will set your password and two hint questions in case you forget your password.

Link your Portal Account to your Medical Record.

Before you can view your personal medical records, you need to link your portal account to your medical record. You will need to verify your identity in this step with your personal information and your PIN.

If you have your PIN letter and are ready to take advantage of our secure online services, click the button below to get started. It's not complicated, but we'll walk you through it.